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In 2014, Katie and Edgar started their quest to find a pet to adopt. After a few months of searching and visiting many dogs, they found this little dog whose online profile said no dogs, no kids, no cats - lots of love and patience required. 

After a fantastic first visit and great conversations with her foster mom, Katie and Edgar decided to adopt little Gracie when she was 8 years young. By then she had spend a year in foster care.

Katie and Edgar live in St. Louis, MO with little Gracie, who is now 13 years old. Gracie's lived in St. Louis, Chicago, Indiana, and got many postcards from Paris for a few months in 2017. 

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Gracie to the rescue! is a children's book that narrates the story of a rescue dog. 

Gracie is a little dog born in Colorado. She had a great life with her original family but one day they came back with a baby. Unfortunately, they decided they could not keep her anymore. She was given up for adoption when she was 6. Follow Gracie on her quest to find her forever family!

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